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Education is a Treaty Right and the Saddle Lake Education Authority will, through continuous development, maintenance, and accountability, provide quality education, which will encompass healthy lifestyles, traditions, language, culture and modern technology and shall utlize contributions of First Nations people to promote self-sufficiency and empower Saddle Lake First Nations Members.

The Saddle Lake First Nation Kihew Asiniy Education Centre is committed to nurturing wholeness in the individual and the community through our nehiyaw learning processes. We offer personalized learning experiences for the benefits of all generations; past, present, and future.

We the people of Saddle Lake First Nation have a firm belief in the Natural Law (Kindness, Honesty, Sharing and Determination) which guides and maintains our distinct way of life. We are committed kiskinohamâkosowin, ekwa kiskinohamâsowin, ekwa mina kiskinohamâtowin as a lifelong learning process that involves the cooperation of Elders, Parents, Children, Teachers and Chief and Council of the Saddle Lake First Nation. We believe that kiskinohamâkosowin, ekwa kiskinohamâsowin, ekwa mina kiskinohamâtowin guided by Natural Law will ensure esohkahk nehiyaw mâmitoneyihcikan.

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